Livares Labs Project : The Remote Sound Recording System (RS²)

At its early stages of sound recording technology, the industry men hauled their recording equipment weighing nearly half a ton on carts to record the sounds of remote areas like forest. Now as the technology has advanced a lot , we are introducing a remote sound recorder at a quality matching the best and that can be held in the palm of your hand. The System is capable of recording sound from the surrounded remote area at custom intervals and duration with / out any manual intervention.The Recordings are then formatted and stored properly with their time-stamps and are uploaded to storage servers.

The aim of our project is to develop a Remote Sound Recording System with a lower power consumption but also maintaining all the quality attributes. At this modern era sound/voice recorders have become cheaper and better as the time has made the men and his technology sharper. At its early stages of sound recording technology, the industry men hauled their recording equipment weig…

Livares joins hands with ICT Academy of Kerala

Team Livares joins hands with ICT Academy of Kerala providing the technical support for ICT Academy Web and Learning Management System.

ICT Academy of Kerala is a Social Enterprise created in a Public Private Partnership model (PPP) for imparting ICT skills to the youths of Kerala and improve their employability opportunities in the Industry. The Company is supported by Govt. of India , partnered by Govt. of Kerala and the ICT industry.

Information and Communication Technology Academy of Kerala (ICTAK) was inaugurated by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy at Hotel Taj Vivanta here on 24th June Tuesday at 5 pm.

Education Minister P K Abdu Rabb would launch the academy’s learning management system called ‘Paatshala’ and Minister for Industries and IT P K Kunhalikutty would preside over the function.

ICTAK CEO Santhosh Kurup said that the academy would act as a bridge between the engineering students and the industry.

“Around 80 per cent of the graduates are not able to pass the…

Deciphering My Ex-coder!

Sleepless nights and Buggy days..
  Hoping I can find an end to this craze?
Reading the code my eyes start to ache,
  Who can decipher my ex-coder for God's sake!
Those globals named x y and r
  I still don't know what the hack they are!
Braces closed in some unknown corners
    Long nested blocks like the hell's ladders

[ May God help heirs of all the spaghetti code in the universe. Inviting poets of the programming world to add more lines to this poem. allYourPain.flush() ;-) ]

Phone Away app lets you access your Android phone remotely

Livares Technologies has come out with a new application PhoneAway that enables users to access their mobile phones remotely.
By using the 'PhoneAway' application, users can access contents in their phone from another mobile phone or PC. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.
Jaseel Abdul Rafeek, chief innovation officer, Livares Technologies (P) Ltd., said PhoneAway is an utility app available now in Android platform. It offers a simple yet feature-rich experience for users to access their phones remotely.
The company is based primarily in Technopark here and Startup Village, Kochi.
"PhoneAway keeps you in touch with your phone even if it's not in your hands," said Rafeek.
After installing the application in the user's Smartphone, user has to register an alternative mobile phone number in the application - which could be used to get details from the original phone.
Besides, an appropriate communication channel - SMS, email,…

Some Bad Email Habits of Job Seekers

Looking for a job? Mailing your resume to the HR department of your favorite companies may be a good idea. But keeping these few things in mind when sending out emails to prospective employers can help you a lot in your job seeking.

1. Never put all the HR email ids in your collection into the TO field while sending email. Every single person who receive your email can see the long list of addresses in the TO field and that won't be very impressive. I hate it when you bulk mail your resume like that; but BCC field may be a better option for you if you really want to do that. Go search and read some articles to understand how TO, CC and BCC fields work in an email. 2. If you are sending resume by email there is absolutely no use for attaching the cover letter as a doc file. The cover letter is supposed to be in the body of your email. And make sure it looks neat. 3. Attaching your passport or any ID proof of that kind is not only unnecessary but also a silly thing to do. Nobod…

The Web Robots and The Robot Exclusion Standard

The Web Robots

Web Robots also known as Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders are programs that traverse the Web automatically. Search engines such as Google and Bing a use web spiders, also known as robots, to create the indexes for their search databases.  These robots transverse HTML trees by loading pages and following hyperlinks, and they report the text and/or meta-tag information to create search indexes.  ROBOTS.TXT, a file that spiders look in for information on how the site is to be cataloged.  It is a ASCII text file that sits in the document root of the server.  It defines what documents and/or directories that confirming spiders are forbidden to index.

In 1993 and 1994 there have been occasions where robots have visited WWW servers where they weren't welcome for various reasons. Sometimes these reasons were robot specific, e.g. certain robots swamped servers with rapid-fire requests, or retrieved the same files repeatedly. In o…