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Aneesh Chandran
HR Manager
Livares InfoTech,Thiruvananthapuram
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Livares Infotech Asterisk Services

Customized Asterisk Development

Customized Asterisk Development, can be broken down into:
Asterisk module customization/development
Asterisk application customization/development
Asterisk bug fixing
Asterisk Module Customization/Development
Asterisk module customization means altering the usual behavior of an existing module in asterisk such as formats, cdr, on-hold music, codecs, or config. For instance, we have modified the call detail record module of Asterisk to record more details of the call according to our client's requirements.
Asterisk Application Development
Asterisk applications are libraries (Loadable modules of linux library e.g .so files) which are used during execution of Asterisk dial plans. Example of such applications are Authenticate,SendDTMF,Transfer, etc. We have had close encounters with the internal architecture of Asterisk. We can create customized applications or alter existing applications for specific requirement on request. We have got experience in developing…


How To Select A Domain Name
Google tends to give weight to keywords in the domain name. This increases the importance of selecting a good name.
When choosing a domain name for SEO purposes, there are three main factors to consider:
* Brand * Rankability * Linkability
Should you use hyphenated, multi-term domain like
I'd avoid such names like the plague.
They have no branding value. They have limited SEO value. Even if you do manage to get such a domain top ten, you're probably going to need to sell on the first visit, as few people are going to remember it once they leave. It is too generic, and it lacks credibility.
In a crowded market, brand offers a point of distinction.
It is easier to build links to branded domain names. People take these name more seriously that, which looks spammy and isn't fooling anyone. Would you link to such a name? By doing so, it devalues your own content .
It …


What is Domain and Hosting?

As you know, to have a visible web page you need a place to stay. That "place" (web site) we can offer a hosting server (which means hosting of web pages) either for free or by paying a certain amount. In the Hosting section I suggest some free and paid plans where your web hosting, and even detailed instructions on how to register for a free server and the definition of the terms that you have to know to choose with knowledge.
On the other hand, once we have the space for our website, visitors need to write something in their browsers to go to our new website. This is the URL or web address that can be either a domain chosen (and paid) for you, for example or or or a subdomain ( The usually free subdomains) that have a slightly longer form. We shall then see how to register a domain and also how to relate a domain with hosting, etc, etc.
Simply the domain name is a website name and hosting …


Search engine optimization (SEO)
"Doing a good seo is crucial ... but the key is to offer quality content."
In general, users do not make much use of the lists of favorites or bookmarks browsers provide systems and rarely directly typed the URL of the page you wish to go, because he might not know it.
Given this dynamic, web positioning strategies are critical . Since on the other hand, after a search of less than 40% of Internet users reached the second page of results that provides a search engine, and only 10% check to the third. This is where it is clear the need to achieve visibility and to achieve this we need to think like search engines to better communicate with them.
Google, Yahoo, MSN and company order their results through mathematical algorithms that undergo analysis hundreds of factors. Each company uses a different formula and the idea is not decipher.
The answer lies in the SEO . SEO is the acronym for "search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) …

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