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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (lesson 8)Off Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Off the Page

(Off page SEO) and how to grow the popularity of a website.

In the area of development of links, there are many important factors to remember. After all, development of links is the most important in achieving a high position in search engines.

There are many things that can significantly impact the growth and spread of links to your site as.

* Make sure your site has something that others would be interested to link webmaster.
* Create content that people want to link, even if not directly give economic value, this site worthy of being linked raise the authority and
position of every page of your website.
* Whenever possible, try to have your keywords in many of the links pointing to your pages.
* Sign up for blogs and forums, participating or exchange links with sites related to your topic.
* Create your discussions on topic.
* Look for places where you can get free high quality links (such as local libraries or chambers of…

knowing SAP(Part4) History of SAP R/3

History of SAP R/3

The first version of SAP’s flagship enterprise software was a financial Accounting system named R/1. (The “R” was for “Real-time data processing”). The pronunciation is often mistakenly referred to as “sap”, as in tree sap. The correct naming is the individual letters S-A-P. This was replaced by R/2 at the end of the 1970s. SAP R/2 was a mainframe based business application software suite that was very successful in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was particularly popular with large multinational European companies who required soft-real-time business applications, with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities built in. With the advent of distributed client-server computing SAP AG brought out a client-server version of the software called SAP R/3 that was manageable on multiple platforms and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or UNIX since 1999, which opened up SAP to a whole new customer base. SAP R/3 was officially launched on 6 July 1992. SAP came …

Livares Infotech Asterisk Server Services (Feature3) IVR Designing

IVR Designing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the technology that let you interact with a menu uses a touch-tone telephone. It is very easy to set-up such a menu with Asterisk. In telephony, interactive voice response, or IVR, is a computerized system that allows a person, typically a telephone caller, to select an option from a voice menu and otherwise interface with a computer system.
Short for Interactive Voice Response, a telephony technology in which someone uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into the database. IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone as the user's interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to.
Generally the system plays pre-recorded voice prompts to which the person presses a number on a telephone keypad to select the option chosen, or speaks simple answers such as "yes", "no", or numbers in ans…

Livares Infotech Asterisk Server Services (Feature2) Asterisk installation

Asterisk installation is fairly simple. However many users experience difficulties, while installing Asterisk because of technical complexities such as hardware compatibility, operating system issues, prerequisites, unavailability of required packages to compile and install Asterisk, insufficient knowledge of linux operating system and packages installation, etc.
we offer complete Asterisk installation service including installation of prerequisites, necessary packages and all Asterisk packages such as zaptel, libpri, Asterisk, Asterisk addons and Asterisk sounds. We can install Asterisk on most of the unix like systems such as Linux, BSD and MacOSX. For those who don't want to use their own hardware, we offer hosted services as well such as hosted IP PBX, hosted Call center, etc.
We can install Asterisk on your server remotely with all prerequisites and necessary packages. You just need to give us your server details, root access and relax. We will do Asterisk installation on your …

knowing SAP(Part3) LEARNING SAP

Want to learn SAP?

If you are already a developer the logical move is into ABAP. Unlike many other languages, where technical ability is all important, in SAP, knowing the programming language is only about 60% of what you need to know. A lot of importance is placed on how well you know how SAP works. From the clients perspective, the more you know about how SAP works, the faster and cheaper you will be able to do the work they need.

Some Links for Getting Started with SAP: 1.Getting Started 2.SAP Basic Skills Self-Study If your background in from Business processes (Sales, Accounting Manufacturing etc), you're in luck. Depending on your experience, you may have an advantage in knowing the basic business processes. You just need to know how SAP does it! How SAP enables you to create and order deliver goods. How SAP enables you to invoice the customer and post payments. Your logical move into SAP is as a departmental user or as a customisation expert. SAP Industry Sector Due to its&…

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (lesson 7)On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is the most important and complex part of search engine optimization. This website helps your search engine ranking through their keywords need. It should be kept based on which some great tips on optimizing your site for articles while the page is going.

This website helps you rank your page or your keywords to increase search engine ranking will depend on the page of your website search engine optimization on any kind of score. It is mainly seen on page factors of your index page, set your keyword rankings.

Page optimization is often forgotten these days, because we focus more and inbound links with targeted anchor text to get more of our time. - Optimization page, but you quickly to do something yourself an extra boost in the SERPS can offer.

There is great for a list page SEO technique that search engine optimization is considered in the evaluation process. Recognizing these factors, but are not limited to: words in the web page URL, title tags, meta tags, headli…

Livares Infotech Asterisk Server Services (Feature1) Customised Asterisk development

Customized Asterisk Development, can be broken down into:

Asterisk module customization/development
Asterisk application customization/development
Asterisk bug fixing

Asterisk Module Customization/Development

Asterisk module customization means altering the usual behavior of an existing module in asterisk such as formats, cdr, on-hold music, codecs, or config. For instance, we have modified the call detail record module of Asterisk to record more details of the call according to our client's requirements.
Asterisk Application Development

Asterisk applications are libraries (Loadable modules of linux library e.g .so files) which are used during execution of Asterisk dial pl Example of such applications are Authenticate,SendDTMF,Transfer, etc. We have had close encounters with the internal architecture of Asterisk. We can create customized applications or alter existing applications for specific requirement on request. We have got experie…

knowing SAP(Part2) SAP Uniqueness

Traditional computer information systems used by many businesses today have been developed to accomplish some specific tasks and provide reports and analysis of events that have already taken place. Examples are accounting general ledger systems. Occasionally, some systems operate in a "real-time" mode that is, have up to date information in them and can be used to actually control events. A typical company has many separate systems to manage different processes like production, sales and accounting. Each of these systems has its own databases and seldom passes information to other systems in a timely manner.

SAP takes a different approach. There is only one information system in an enterprise, SAP. All applications access common data. Real events in the business initiate transactions. Accounting is done automatically by in sales and production. Sales can se when products can be delivered. Product…

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (lesson 6) Place a website

To improve our position, the first thing to do is For a list of keywords. Then we have to try that Google understands that our really is related to these keywords.
Comprehensive Reforms

For explanation, let's invent a bricklaying company, and the strategy will focus on the keywords "comprehensive reform." If Google understands that our talk of "comprehensive reforms" appear in search results for those keywords.
Increase keyword density

In order for Google to realize that we are talking about "comprehensive reform" we can take the following steps:

* We will create the web-site of the company a page whose address is: Better still
would that's not always possible.
* We will put the title of that page "comprehensive reform" (the title is the text that appears in the browser bar.)
* Wil…

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (lesson 5) What are Keywords

What are Keywords

When we say we want to exit at the top of Google, we really mean to leave at the top when searching for certain words. Those words are what people use to locate and call KeywordsOr keywords.

That is:

The Keywords are the words that define the activity of our website.

War of Words

When more than one page whose activity is defined by the same keywords as ours, we enter into direct competition for those words.

Therefore, before any action of SEO we develop a strategy, based on a study of preparation:

* The first, developing our list of keywords or sets of keywords natural, simply define your keywords list having much visitors and low
* The second study is to see who is our competitors, taking into account that we can hardly compete with certain
pages. We must also investigate how the competitors are "attacking" those words. This research can be done
manually, by web site, or using a tool that automates the job (for example, IBP /…

KNOWING SAP (Part1) What is SAP?

What is SAP?

SAP is the leading Enterprise Information and Management Package worldwide. Use of this package makes it possible to track and manage, in real-time, sales, production, finance accounting and human resources in an enterprise.

SAP the company was founded in Germany in 1972 by five ex-IBM engineers. In case you’re ever asked, SAP stands for Systeme, Andwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung which - translated to English - means Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing. So now you know! Being incorporated in Germany, the full name of the parent company is SAP AG. It is located in Walldorf, Germany which is close to the beautiful town of Heidelberg. SAP has subsidiaries in over 50 countries around the world from Argentina to Venezuela (and pretty much everything in between). SAP America (with responsibility for North America, South America and Australia - go figure!) is located just outside Philadelphia, PA.
The original five founders have been so successful that…

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (lesson 4)How to design a website

How to design a website

Formats images for web pages

When create images for use on a website, you take into account:

There two main formats for images on web pages


Is more suitable for images containing pictures or pictures and graphics with a color gradient.

It's better when you have a logo with flat colors, without degradation of colors.

Both compressed image formats ie deleting information redundant to reduce the file size of the image this is very important because very large files would your web page load very slow.

When compress the files in these formats using a graphics program like Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro, you the option to adjust the compression level.
However note that if you put a compression go high or get a small file which is very good, but the image quality may drop too low. Then you should experiment with different compression levels find the best combination of file size and image quality.

Save your web page

Then you've charted your web page edi…