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Machines to take over fitness test of light motor vehicles

Technically validated tests will soon commence from the computerised stations at Chevayur in Kozhikode and Elavayoor in Kannur for grant of fitness certificates to light motor vehicles (LMVs) as part of phasing out manual tests and ensuring scientific and foolproof inspections.
The computerised vehicle testing stations at Chevayur and Elavayoor, the first ones to be set up by the Motor Vehicles Department in the State, are ready for commissioning and trial runs have commenced, a top Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) official said.

Both the testing stations would offer Certificate of Fitness (CF) for LMVs for the time being and the motorists would not have to pay any additional fee.
Light motor vehicles having a gross weight of 7.5 tonnes could be subjected to test.
With this, the motor vehicle inspectors would stop doing the routine visual inspection and the manual tests. The practice of taking the vehicles to the road to see if they are roadworthy would also come to an end. The trained MVD officials would take the vehicles to the automated testing station as it would be machine-aided driving, requiring skill and expertise.
The results of the fitness test would be provided within 15 minutes, the official said. Besides saving time, the MVD would also be able to put an end to the complaints that the officials were biased. Road safety in the State would improve as unfit vehicles would be weeded out.
In Chevayur, the MVD had also set up a computerised driver-testing yard to eliminate the visual evaluation of a candidate aspiring for a driving licence. Cameras had been installed to capture live images of a candidate doing the tests.
The present manual tests include checking of the engine, clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, universal joints, differential, road wheels, chassis frame, axles, exhaust pipes, handbrake, fuel and electrical systems, the steering system, lights, horn, and speedometer.
The MVD is to set up three more computerised vehicle testing stations this financial year in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Thrissur.


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