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Are you in 4G now ?

What is 3G?

The G of course means generation. Cell phones and systems are classified by the generation they belong to. Third generation (3G) phones were developed in the late 1990s and 2000s. The goal was to improve the data capability and speed. 3G phones were defined by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and later standardized by the ITU-T. Generally known as the Universal Mobile Telecomunications System (UMTS), this 3G system is based on wideband CDMA that operates in 5 MHz of bandwidth and can produce download data rates of typically 384 kb/s under normal conditions and up to 2 Mb/s in some instances. Another 3G standard, cdma2000, was developed by Qualcomm. It uses 1.25 MHz bands to produce data rates to 2 Mb/s. Another version of cdma2000 is an improved IS-95 version. It is a 3GPP2 standard. It can transmit data at a rate to 153 kb/s and up to 2 Mb/s in some cases.
3G phone standards have been expanded and enhanced to further expand data speed and capa…

Branding a Batsman: The story of Sachin Tendulkar OPUS

What an Opusis?Whether it is honouring football giants Manchester United FC, celebrating the work of fashion icon Vivienne Westwood or reviewing the fascinating history of The Saatchi Gallery, Opus promises to deliver the story of a subject in the most unique and cinematic way. The official cooperation of the governing body, company, club or individual associated with each Opus allows us to take you closer to the biggest names in sport, fashion, music and the arts than ever before. Words are contributed by the finest writers and interviewers in their fields, accompanied by hundreds of rare and previously unpublished archive images, specially-commissioned photos and beautiful illustrations. Typically, an Opus also contains a number of showpiece gatefolds, which open up to a massive 200cm x 50cm, allowing images to be displayed on an unprecedented scale.
The use of special colour processes, the highest grade paper stocks,and our painstaking attention to detail in reproducti…

The Surface Movement

Microsoft releases its first Surface tablet advertisement with ‘The Surface Movement’ commercial  The Microsoft Surface is scheduled for launch on October 26th, the same day that Windows 8 will be available. The Surface features Windows 8, measures 9.3mm thick and will come with one USB port and 10.6-inch ClearType display.

Java ME Embedded 3.2 released.

Java ME Embedded 3.2 client is a Java runtime optimized for microcontrollers and other "resource-constrained" devices.

Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2 supports on-the-fly application downloads and updates, remote operation (often in challenging environments), and supports hardware with as little as 130 k RAM and 350 k ROM.

"The rapid growth in the 'Internet of Things' is driving demand for open and cross-industry platforms that can help decrease time to market and deliver increased capabilities in embedded devices, while retaining tight control on development, production, and support costs," said Nandini Ramani, vice president of engineering, Java client, and mobile platforms at Oracle.
"Java's uniquely flexible architecture supports these requirements through a highly secure virtual machine designed to support remote application updates and downloads. With the release of the new Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2, Oracle now enables the connection of data …