Branding a Batsman: The story of Sachin Tendulkar OPUS

What an Opus is?

Whether it is honouring football giants Manchester United FC, celebrating the work of fashion icon Vivienne Westwood or reviewing the fascinating history of The Saatchi Gallery, Opus promises to deliver the story of a subject in the most unique and cinematic way. The official cooperation of the governing body, company, club or individual associated with each Opus allows us to take you closer to the biggest names in sport, fashion, music and the arts than ever before.


Words are contributed by the finest writers and interviewers in their fields, accompanied by hundreds of rare and previously unpublished archive images, specially-commissioned photos and beautiful illustrations. Typically, an Opus also contains a number of showpiece gatefolds, which open up to a massive 200cm x 50cm, allowing images to be displayed on an unprecedented scale.
The use of special colour processes, the highest grade paper stocks,and our painstaking attention to detail in reproduction of pictures combine to ensure an unparalleled visual feast. Individually hand-bound and designed to stand the test of time, available in strictly limited edition print runs worldwide and personally signed by legends, every Opus is a collectors' item offering investment potential and pleasure for generations to come.

Making of an Opus..

The key to the success of every Opus is to work hand in hand with our official partners to deliver unique content through unprecedented access and collaboration. 

Branding a Batsman:

The ST Logo Story:

Opus Media Group became aware of Sachin Tendulkar’s plans to launch his own brand of sporting goods over a year ago. The brand image was yet to be decided and Sachin very graciously invited Opus Media Group to develop thoughts on a conceptual level for how his brand and styling could take shape.
Having researched Sachin’s career for The Official Sachin Tendulkar Opus, the design team were in a strong position to create relevant and dynamic solutions for Sachin to consider and adopt for himself. Such a prestigious brief instigated as expected many solutions and much debate. There were a dozen ideas submitted in the first instance for Sachin to peruse but it seemed that there was one design that Sachin immediately connected with. That design was developed and fine tuned and before we knew it, the logo was adorning the face of his cricket bat and seen by millions around the world.
The chosen design was created by Zenon Texeira, Creative Director of Opus Media Group who commented, “There were several designs that were highly appropriate to represent Sachin in a graphic way. Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the best and it’s in the execution of the styling that makes the difference to it being a winner or not. The inspiration of the mark comes naturally from a cricket ball, using the lines from the seam to help fashion Sachin’s initials in a way that becomes instantly recognisable and associated with the greatest batsman of all time”.
Zenon was thrilled to see Sachin’s logo on apparell in the Adidas store in Kolkata when he visited to watch the Mumbai Indian’s battle against the Kolkata Knight Riders. The staff in the store were over the moon to be photographed with Zenon prior to the game.



The unique Polaroid images that adorn the Sachin Opus were captured using a Polaroid 20 x 24 Studio camera.
This huge camera stands 5ft high and weighs 235lb and produces superbly detailed 20 x 24in (50 x 60cm) images. Originally developed to enable the accurate reproduction of works of art, photographers soon started to use it as a creative tool. 

The nature of the Studio camera creates genuinely unique one-off images. The distinctive patterning around the edge of each image is a result of the developing chemicals used in the process.
The camera uses a continuous roll of film as opposed to the single sheets often associated with Polaroid images. Three types of film can be employed in the camera, colour, black and white, and a sepia coloured film affectionately referred to as chocolate.

Words of The Master Blaster....

I was really delighted and flattered when I was asked if I would like to be the subject of an Opus.When I saw the Manchester United Opus, I was so impressed by the quality of the writing, pictures and illustrations and the sheer scale of it that I agreed to become an official ambassador. If you haven’t seen an Opus before, it’s over 800 pages long, with each page half a metre square and weighs 30 kilos-plus. It’s certainly no ordinary book! To think that there will be a similar publication on me is just mind-blowing.
I have always shied away from doing books in the past, because I felt there was so much more for me to achieve on the cricket pitch. But now as I approach the end of my career, I think it is the right time for me to tell my story in detail for the first time, and I can’t think of a better way than in an Opus. We’ve also got lots of surprises lined up too, with contributions from lots of my friends, family, team-mates and opponents, and I’m sure it’s going to be something special.
                                                                                             .................SACHIN TENDULKAR

::Click here to view the Official Sachin Tendulkar OPUS website::


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