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Some Bad Email Habits of Job Seekers

Looking for a job? Mailing your resume to the HR department of your favorite companies may be a good idea. But keeping these few things in mind when sending out emails to prospective employers can help you a lot in your job seeking.

1. Never put all the HR email ids in your collection into the TO field while sending email. Every single person who receive your email can see the long list of addresses in the TO field and that won't be very impressive. I hate it when you bulk mail your resume like that; but BCC field may be a better option for you if you really want to do that. Go search and read some articles to understand how TO, CC and BCC fields work in an email. 2. If you are sending resume by email there is absolutely no use for attaching the cover letter as a doc file. The cover letter is supposed to be in the body of your email. And make sure it looks neat. 3. Attaching your passport or any ID proof of that kind is not only unnecessary but also a silly thing to do. Nobod…