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Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx PHP 7 MariaDB Server Setup

I have created a droplet with ubuntu 18.04 OS in Digital Ocean. I have also attached a storage. Made it auto format with aut mount.The storage may be useful in future when we change the droplet and we may need to attach the same to another droplet. Added an SSH Key. You can create the ssh key through putty using the following link.

Login to your Server using putty. Get your IP Address from Droplet Page. Copy IP address and connect to the server using putty. If you are using a key file for authentication this key file may needed to be pointed within putty application. This can be done in the following page:
Linking your private key file: In the Left side menu follow links Connection>SSH> Auth In this page point your private key file. Click Session in the menu and save settings for future use.
Now click your connection and open connection using the existing configurations.

After establishing connection crea…